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Helping you do a better job processing, analyzing, sharing, and presenting your data.
David Singh

Research Tutor in Islamic studies, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

This book contributes an important voice to an ongoing controversy in Western mission communities with regard to the emergence of so-called insider movements. The theological and communal preferences of communities which describe themselves as Muslim but follow Christ have been hotly debated in a variety of venues during the past years. Full of extensive quotes gleaned from interviews with leaders of some of these groups, Prenger has given them voice in a way which will be of great interest to people engaged in these debates.

Kathryn Kraft

Sociologist, author of

CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CHAPTER ONE Introducing the Debate CHAPTER TWO Literature Review CHAPTER THREE Research Summary CHAPTER FOUR Views on Allah and Isa al Masih CHAPTER FIVE Insider Movements and the Theologizing Process CHAPTER SIX Conclusions and Recommendations REFERENCES APPENDIX A Interview Guide APPENDIX B Summary M-Framework Plots by Context Variable APPENDIX C Additional works consulted APPENDIX D Additional M-Framework figures Jan Hendrik Prenger

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Critical Assessment through Global Case Studies

by: Dwight Baker (Author) , Steve Sang-Cheol Moon (Author) , Jae Hoon Lee (Author) , J. Nelson Jennings (Author) , Jinbong Kim (Author)

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Megachurches are of relatively recent vintage. Their numerical strength invests them with social and financial power. To whom, if anyone, however, are megachurches accountable? What role do they play as innovators in missions? How have their enormous influence and financial strength been harnessed? What lessons can be learned? What course corrections ought to be made? Over the course of a week, the third meeting of the Korean Global Mission Leadership Forum (KGMLF), held in Korea in 2015, addressed these and related questions. Combining the insights of a rich mix of Korean and international megachurch leaders and scholars, offers analysis, critique, and positive recommendations for future megachurch engagement in mission. This book is the third volume in KGMLF’s Accountability in Missions series.

This book is far more significant than its title may suggest. It is a missiological mine, from which readers may bring up valuable material, not only about megachurches, but also on migration and diaspora, multiple patterns of church and ministry, intercultural relations in mission, the place of Korea in World Christianity, South-South dynamics in mission, and many other topics. It deserves a wide circulation.

Andrew F. Walls

University of Edinburgh, Liverpool Hope University, and Akrofi-Christaller Institute, Ghana

In an age of shifting demographics and evolving mission structures, Megachurch Accountability is a timely and important book. Around the world, megachurches are shaping missional conversations and providing vast resources for missions and outreach. The authors reflect on this growing phenomenon from historical, missiological, biblical, and practical perspectives. I highly recommend this book as a substantial contribution to an urgent conversation about contemporary mission practices.

Just then, Cole was contacted by Zeke regarding some of the past people he met. He said they've contacted him, asking him to get them favors from the "Electric Man" . Cole met up with him to further discuss this, and after they did, Zeke told him that both a cop and a junkie contacted him. Figuring that the people of New Marais would recognize his actions, Cole decided to send a message. After dealing with the Militia and gaining the city people's attention, Cole was contacted by Kuo, whom told him of the possible evolution of his powers through extensive and proper use. Dealing with a Militia mob at the district, Cole's power evolved further, able to Sperry TopSider Womens Tidal Trainer Fashion Sneaker Ivory kEoW4sfn
. After this, he continued his investigations. David Tate Womens Sharp Dress Sandal Bone Lamb e5P0dhgW

Kuo then admitted that Cole was becoming less and less anonymous as he continued his activities in New Marais. Before the majority of civilians asks for help, Cole remarked that it was time they find Wolfe. Seeing no other leads, Kuo told the team that the leader of the Militia, Joseph Bertrand, is about to make a speech at FLY London Womens Scop Boot Petrol IF2zaM
. Seeing an opportunity there, Cole waits for Bertrand while telling Zeke to go ahead and watch from the crowd anonymously. [1]

Cole and Zeke discuss their next move in the midst of Bertrand's speech.

After nightfall, Cole met up with Zeke who was hiding in the crowd as Bertrand gave his speech. Just as they talked, Bertrand continued on delivering his propaganda message, stating that a "demon", referring to Cole, walked among them, along with the rest of the "deviants". Promoting the Militia's presence and supposed protection services, Bertrand assured the civilians that the "Demon of Empire City" will be brought to justice. Just when Zeke was contemplating on leaving, whom was stopped by Cole, a swamp monster appeared behind some of Bertrand's propaganda materials and paraphernalia. As civilians flee in fear, and as Bertrand retreats to his car with his Militia, the monsters attacked the gathering, killing off the Militia soldiers.

Cole catches up to Bertrand and demands him to talk.

Cole ran through the area and fended off most of the monsters, while civilians looked on as he fought. After subduing them, Zeke told Cole that Bertrand was fleeing from the area on his limousine, along with some of his men. Cole takes to the rooftops in order to follow him quicker and safer, and after dealing with several of his men and navigating through the city, Cole managed to hop on the car of Bertrand, sarcastically asking him with enthusiasm to talk as the car drove through the city. Bertrand ignores his chatter, though Cole tried to threaten him if he refused to reveal Wolfe's location. Just then, Bertrand warned Cole to worry more about his head, as the car drove right under a chopper, knocking Cole off of the car and onto the street. [1]

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Posted on CHAMARIPA Mens Elevator height Increasing Shoes Black Brogue Dress Shoes 276 inches H81D38X011D Black Leather v5xDBclE9Z
by Alexandra

The Film Collaborative was recently on a panel at the Los Angeles Film Festival as part of their SEIZE THE POWER SYMPOSIUM which focused on DIY DIGITAL Distribution. This was the description of the panel we were on and that I moderated and will discuss below:


NEW DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION INITIATIVES Leading digital distribution executives present new solutions for distribution as they explain their business models and the opportunities they offer filmmakers to reach audiences and bring in revenue for their films.


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After the panel was over someone asked how he could decide which one of us to work with; he liked us all. It was clear to me that even though we had just finished an hour long panel at which we each presented our respective companies and then answered questions, it was not enough to make clear to everyone the way in which to relate to each company and how to make decisions about whom to work with in distribution.

Recently on Ted Hope’s blog

Ted Hope’s blog

Jon Reiss and Ted Hope and many others including filmmakers discussed the relevance of panels and expert books and even more recently Jon Reiss wrote a blog titled “Coping with Symposium Workshop Brain Fry”. That is what I want to address here, specifically in relation to the panel I moderated and was on called “New Digital Initiatives”.

At the LAFF Panel all the companies discussed what they do and here’s some of that information below, and what we recommend a filmmaker do to make sense of information given at a panel.

Gravitas Ventures talked about its focus on Cable VOD and the fact that it works with Warner Brothers (WB) which (when WB takes a film) can lead to a film being available in up to as many as 50,000,000 homes via about 30 – 40 cable operators and up to 80,000,000 – 90,000,000 homes when one factors in digital. When WB does not take the film on Gravitas can at least get the film out to about up to 12,000,000 – 15,000,000 Cable VOD homes. Of course one in this circumstance has to realize that when WB is in the picture, there are two fees being taken as well as two companies being relied on to provide information and to pay. The other aspects to analyze are 1. the benefits of having a studio involved in VOD and Digital often leads to HIGHER revenues from Cable MSOs (Multi System Operators) and digital platforms and also MARKETING LEVERAGE. But, 2. the Studios are also glutted and not necessarily focusing on your film and you may get lost or inadvertently shafted (and I know it’s happened) so one has to have contractual commitments or protective clauses, and 3. They won’t let you keep digital rights usually, though maybe Netflix SVOD; and 4. accounting can be soft on the details. Gravitas does 2-year deals and about 350 -400 films per year and is the largest VOD aggregator at this time. Gravitas noted revenues per film ranging from as low as $5,000 – $250,000. A FILMMAKER must ADDRESS MARKETING and COSTS RECOUPMENT whether in dealing with Gravitas or any other Cable VOD Digital Aggregator (e.g. TFC also works with Brainstorm Media Fluent / Lions Gate), or any of the other studios who are or will be opening up to “independent product”.

Intersection's Sara Shahriari sat down with two members from the task force,TerryCassil and Danny Mueller, to hear about their experiences.

By FLY London Womens mong Boot Black Oil Suede tajOjl
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Sep 29, 2017
Benjamin Hoste

Lead has played a pivotal role in the history of Missouri. More than 17 million tons of lead have come out of the ground in the state over the last 300 years, and that's left a lasting impact on the state economically, environmentally and culturally. KBIA is exploring that history —and future—in our special series The Legacy of Lead.

By Principle Plastics Sloggers Womens Purple Paw Print Rain Garden Shoes Size 10 k6ptp
Abby Ivory-Ganja
Sep 22, 2017
Benjamin Hoste

Next week on Intersection, we look at Missouri's legacy of lead. In this preview of our upcoming show, Intersection host Sara Shahriaritalks with photographer Benjamin Hoste about his images from Missouri's old lead belt.


Hoste's photographs from the old lead belt are on display at the Greg Hardwick Gallery at Columbia College through September 27.

By Sara Shahriari Abby Ivory-Ganja Sep 12, 2017
Sara Shahriari / KBIA

Intersection is marking the new school year with conversations with three MU professors whose work and teaching styles make then stand out. We learn that parts of Missouri were once on the coast of a huge inland sea, how a veterinarian and toxicologist gets to the bottom of mysterious ailments and how students are learning to understand the global market for fabrics.

By AmoonyFashion Womens Round Toe Closed Toe Kitten Heels Boots With Slipping Sole and Heighten Inside Black b6R0nwj7
Sara Shahriari
Aug 29, 2017
Rebecca Smith / KBIA

This week on Intersection we bring you a special on oral health from the new KBIA project, Missouri Health Talks. Health reporter Rebecca Smith spoke with Dr. John Dane, the current State Dental Director, and Gary Harbison, the Executive Director for the ASICS Womens HyperRocketgirl 7 Cross Country Spike Shoe Silver Atomic Blue/Diva Pink HH8x8tUe

They cover the Missouri Oral Health Plan , which runs from 2015 to 2020, advances that have been made in oral health policy and struggles Missourians still face when it comes to accessing quality, affordable dental care.

You will also hear conversations gathered by Smith in June at the 6th Annual MOMOM , or Missouri Mission of Mercy, in Joplin. This yearly, two-day dental clinic put on by the Missouri Dental Association provides free dental care for anyone willing to wait in line. This year approximately 1,200 people were served and more than $800,000 worth of care was provided.


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